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Freshcig Electronic Cigarette Stores

One question we are often asked at Freshcig is do we have our own electronic cigarettes store? Freshcig do not have their own e cigarette store however, our products are available from a number of stockists such as pharmacies, convenience stores and supermarkets across the UK. Please see the map for retail stores in which Freshcig is currently listed.

What products from the Freshcig range can be found in store?

Freshcig only sell rechargeable electronic cigarettes in line with our environmental principles. For this reason you can expect to find our Freshcig 30 e cigarette starter kit priced at £6.99, a USB Charger priced at £4.99 and four different flavours of refills including Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Premium Tobacco and Rolling Tobacco. Our electronic cigarette refills are priced at £9.99. We are in the process of expanding the range of flavours on offer and we should eventually have seven available in the electronic cigarette stores. The new flavours will include American Tobacco, Strawberry and Cappuccino. All seven flavours will be available in a variety of strengths including Full 24mg, Regular 16mg, Mild 11mg and Light 6mg.


Electronic cigarette stockist locations are growing

Following the success of Freshcig both online and in store, we are in the process of gaining further listings in electronic stores across the UK. If you are interested in stocking the Freshcig range in your shop (Pharmacy, Convenience Store or Supermarket) then please contact us so we can offer your customers the chance to buy Freshcig. Please feel free to contact us, we offer excellent POR which makes it a lucrative opportunity for any retailer wanting to stock electronic cigarettes. Click here to find out more.