Freshcig - E Cigarette Reviews UK 2014

Honest Freshcig e cigarette reviews from our UK customers are detailed below. Our customers review our products including the brand new Freshcig eVolve, how fast their products are received through our FREE delivery option and the level of service they experience when they need to contact us. This is a sample of the best electronic cigarette reviews we could have ever wished for and its testament to our core values which is to provide the highest levels of Quality, Service, Convenience and Value.

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I've been trying to quit smoking for a few years. After the arrival of our first child last year, it was the final attempt. Bought Freshcig last November, and been using it ever since. The product is top quality, feels just like the real thing, minus the horrible smells and bad breath. The team is always on hand to support with product/delivery queries, and they have so far provided a top service, and always giving out discount vouchers. If you really do want to quit smoking, this is the best way to do it.

Stuart Menzies

I started using Freshcig products about a year ago. I'd been smoking for 7 years, and the e-cigs I now use from Freshcig make our home and lives better. There's no smell or mess and I even get to choose from different flavours, further distancing me from cigarettes so quitting becomes easier and easier each day. These products are even for those who want to continue smoking but without damaging themselves and those around them. The batteries are slimline and sleek. The customer support team has always been excellent, I know if there is a problem and that's rare with their products and service, that it'll be sorted that day. Freshcig value your repeat custom and make sure the service and products you receive are first rate.

Rebecca Potter

I have been using Freshcig for 'just over 3 months - 'just before our 1st holiday abroad this year. They are, to us, absolutely fabulous! They have saved me considerably in finance; my health is far better; my house (together with my husband using them) is so much 'fresher' and will cost far less to keep clean and redecorate. All in all it is win/win. We will continue with our custom and ask you to keep up the good work. Thankyou.

Maggie Oldham

As a pipe smoker for nearly 60 years, I have been nagged by the doctors to stop the habit as my COPD was getting worse. Stopping smoking wouldn't make it get better, it would however stop my breathing getting worse. I tried Nicotine patches, and developed a sever rash. I was in our chemist and saw Freshcig display and in desperation thought I would try the product. I have not smoked my pipe for 4 weeks and 3 days. My satisfaction with the product can be gauged by asking our chemist how many people have gone into buy Freshcig, trial and keep going in for more.

Francis G Sketch

I have been using Freshcig for a wile now and I have saved so much money and the level of service you receive is amazing I would say they are the next best thing since sliced bread :D

Tom Wallis

I have struggled to quit smoking for years using many quit smoking products. Since my health began to fail and I was hospitalised I started using Freshcig. Quite amazing! Don't feel the need for a real cigarette anymore. Great service and great product. I have tried another make before I came across this one. No comparison. Great quality and performance

Deirdre McLarnon

I started using Freshcig in March after being advised by my specialist it will help my kidneys as I will need a transplant in the near future. I tried quitting a few years before but ended up only lasting a few week's this time it's going great and I've been using Freshcig for months now an I love it.. It has helped me hugely, I'm slowly cutting down, smell fresher and feel better for it. Using the e-cig and slowly changing the strength really helps me cut down at my own speed. It's also saved me money using these which has made it able for me to put some aside to help towards my daughters wedding in 2 week's time and little treats instead of the fags. The e-cig is so simple to use, looks realistic, battery lasts a good amount of time. So far I've had no trouble they work wonderfully. Customer service are so friendly and really helpful. Strongly recommended to me an I will recommended back. Thank you for a great service.

Annette Lewis

I now leave the Freshcig Family as I have now quit the dreaded weed after being a smoker for over 35 years. I could not have done it without the help of Freshcig so thank you for a product that has truly changed my lifestyle for the better. My last cigarette was on 7th March 2012 and I have not looked back :-)

David Linley

Freshcig are brilliant you don't even feel like your giving up because you still get the hit. I've been on them for 3 weeks now & not needed or thought about proper cigs. My house smells better my clothes don't smell & I feel great. My boyfriend been on them 2 weeks now as well he just tried mine & never had a roll-up since. the staff are great at Freshcig & you always get what you need they give you good discounts as well helps you save that little bit more. All smokers should give it a go you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.


My husband and I gave up smoking 3 years ago but still liked to have an occasional cigarette when we were out with friends but there was always the fear that we would become addicted again. Freshcigs are just as satisfying as 'real' cigarettes and I now prefer them, and feel I can smoke them in company without offending anyone.

Jenny Twist

I have been using Freshcig for the past year and have saved a lot of money, I have no intention of quitting smoking because Freshcig is a healthy alternative. I order them over the internet, its so easy and the service from Freshcig is superb.

Pam Turner

Best thing I have ever purchased, I have emphazema and was told to stop smoking as my lungs were only working 21 per cent. Since purchasing your products I have stopped smoking I also find delivery very quick from Freshcig.

Lynne Bell

This e-cigarette is the best. It is high quality and all the flavours are delicious too. I prefer this to real cigs and I haven't thought about touching a real cigarette. Why can't every smoker buy Freshcig?

Joshua Roberts

Ive been vaping for a couple of years now. I've used egos, screwdrivers and all kinds of mods. I started off with this conventional looking e-cig but soon steered away from it as it didn't satisfy me. I've just tried out your product, Freshcig with classic tobacco 16mg, and I am very impressed. The taste is good the vapour is acceptable and for 16mg gives a nice but not harsh throat hit. I think If you produced cartomisers with 24mg+ then u might attract more serious vapers?

Jim Clarke

I have been using Freshcig for over 12 months and it is the best thing on the market, its effective and the best bit is I can use it wherever I go.

Sebastian Vanviere

I have been using Freshcig products for the past 4 months, I was introduced to Freshcig by my partner, she has given up cigarettes a couple of weeks after using the product and I have reduced smoking to just 2 or 3 a day from virtually a full pack. In my view, it is the most realistic product that I have used as an aid to not only reducing your cigarette addiction, but to ultimately give up completely which I have set a date to do, with the knowledge that I can continue smoking for a while using the Freshcig product. Since I began using the Freshcig product, I have looked at many other suppliers, but I have concluded that Freshcig is the one for me, the company and it’s representatives are also very pleasant and provide an excellent service, I’m sure that it can only get better.

Tony Bruney

Great product. Tried E-Lites and didn't get on with them because they're not smooth enough and quite expensive. Then tried 10 motives from Tesco which are good but they're too expensive. Freshcig are good value and taste good too. I use the menthol. Sales team are very helpful and answer questions straight away. Will continue buying from them.


I tried an electronic cigarette 5 years ago when they first came out & I wasn't impressed. It would, however appear they have come a long way since then. I can happily use my Freshcig until I can have a real cigarette. Do not hesitate to give Freshcig a try even if you've tried others & you didn't liked them.


My husband and myself have tried everything known to man to stop smoking for years with no joy. We have now been using Freshcig since March and have never felt the need for a cigarette.My husband has been very ill and is really feeling the benefit of not smoking tobacco.

Sheila Logan

Been trying to stop smoking for over 13 years, finally beat the monster using Freshcig, I love it and haven't been tempted once.

Carole Hesp

Tried electronic cigarettes before but these just have to be the best i have found so far I WILL quit altogether and soon.

Lauren Russell

Happy that it came the next day because im in love with my Freshcig! since im an occasional smoker, it means i can smoke without having to finish an entire cigarette and doesn't leave me with the disgusting feeling after having finished a whole pack! I bought the menthol refills and they just taste like peppermint and lovely aftertaste! it does leave a slight smell, but it smells just like peppermint air freshener! its great, i recommend everyone to get one of these. definitely worth the buy, the wait and quitting smoking. Kudos to Freshcig for making such an awesome product! however, if you're not a big smoker, regular can be a bit too thick on your throat so you have to take little puffs, but regardless its great! 5 stars

Adella Davies

I've been a Freshcig customer for over 7 months and not looked back! Not a cigerette since! After all the other e cigs on the market, i have found them by far the best, as they aren't big and bulky and more 'cigarette like' than other brands. Customer service is absolutely great..If I've had a problem eg. Royal Mail have lost my cartomisers, one quick call and they are immediately replaced! Definitely by far the best way to give up smoking! And also as you may be able to see in my photo, there is a Freshcig in-front of the table of my caravan..I no longer have to venture out in to the cold to smoke it...Great!

Sarah Marsh

I really love Freshcig, I had been a smoker of at least 20 a day for over 15yrs, until I tried Freshcig. Ive stopped smoking altogether & replaced them with Freshcig & I haven't been a 'Smoker' for 7mths today. Woohoo Freshcig, thank you for making me feel healthy again. You've really got to try it to see for yourself, but honestly, its a no brainer.

Claire Hutchieson

Fantastic bought the Freshcig, ordered the menthol flavour online and have never looked back, after 20 years of smoking I have been smoke free for a month

Colleen Carpenter

Would just like to thank the people at Freshcig for their prompt reply to my e-mail regarding my order and the speedy delivery I got thereafter. I am thrilled with my purchase and must say its the best electronic ciggie I've tried. I have already recommended it to several friends.

Carole Cardwell

Freshcig have a great customer support, they always answer to my e-mails very promptly and in a very satisfying manner. I have bought 1 starter pack for me + 2 Propacks for me and my friend because I am absolutely convinced. I did not particularly want to stop smoking, just reduce my consumption, this really helps. the product is good. Thank you Freshcig!

Sophie Lambert

**In the office smoking my Freshcig** Can't rate these highly enough. Good taste and best of all I can have a blast whenever and wherever I want. Ultimately looking to stop smoking all together but in the mean time this has been a good occasional substitute and has got me off real cigs!

John Ashton

For everyone out there that is looking to buy a ecig this is it! It's not so expensive, doesn't taste horible like most of them and it arived in 30h. Trust me, I normally can't be asked to write a review but I just had to. I'm sure there are lots of people wondering which one to get and I'm so happy, I purchased this one (Freshcig eVolve) OK it is a bit big but the battery lasts forever and I have to refill it after 2 days (if not longer). Don't waste your money on disposable ones or more expensive ones this is the best one (I've tried most of what is available) but be careful, it is so nice you might get addicted to it ;). Now go and order it and see for yourself - you won't be disappointed!!!


I have been using Freshcig for 2 weeks now and finding them very affective, I haven't really craved that much for a normal cigarette. I would reccomend them to anyone who is thinking of quiting, the delivery is also very quick. They are excellent thanks Freshcig.

Sharon Richardson

What a wonderful substitute Freshcig is. I have been using them for about a year now. These are manufactured to the highest standard,and delivery is second to none.

Edward Smith

I have been using e-cigs now for nearly a year and have tried numerous brands . Freshcig is by far the best taste and quality that I have used and super fast delivery and excellent communication. Well done keep it up

Philip Kettle

Been smoking for 35 years have tried everything, all failed . Not smoked for 8 weeks feel great. Thanks Freshcig


I had previously been using another product and a friend told me about Freshcig. It is far better and in future I will be using your one. I had been smoking normal cigarettes for 50 years (that shows my age) and not touched a normal cigarette for over a year and I would have classed myself as quite a heavy smoker. I would thoroughly recommend this product.


I have now been using 'Freshcig' Electronic cigarettes for just over 6 weeks. I cannot express how impressed I am with this product. I haven't touched a cigarette at all in that time. At 30 a day I have saved £441.00 (excluding the minor cost for my 'Freshcig' tips. Health wise, my reading at my local 'No Smoking Clinic has gone down from a 15 to a 1!! (Which, I was informed is now: THE READING OF A NON-SMOKER). I would like to say a big thank you to Dean who is extremely helpful and cannot do enough for you. If you prefer to order via telephone just give him a call on the 'Freshcig' Number 0161-427-2549. I have received my ‘Freshcig’ in as little as 24-36hrs AND you don't pay a penny for P&P. Go on go for it - you can even smoke one at your desk if you want to!!

Catherine Clarke

My brother inlaw let me try his Freshcig, it was the next best thing to a smoke,so I bought two kits for me and wife. We only had them three days but I actually like it better than a real cigarette and I can puff on it where ever I want.

Dave Watson

Been smoking for over 60 years and have finally found something that works for me. Would have no hesitation in recommending both the product and the supplier to anyone. Excellent communication and super fast delivery. Very well done Dean, wish you every success in your business.


OK, here goes, on hearing about Freshcig at first I was very wary, done my research on the product, read all the reviews, but still had my suspicions, thought what the hell its only £15.00 quid. I have smoked for the past 30 years & considered myself a heavy smoker, (between 30-40 per day) costing £90.00 per week, just done the calculations, £4,659.20 per year, first time I have actually ever done that. But Now, I have discovered Freshcig & WOW! This product is amazing, this really is the miracle that i have been waiting for , I’ve used it as instructed to do so, it’s fantastic, it’s all i have been using, it satisfies my cravings & have no wish or desire or need to buy a pack of cigs ever again, I’m totally blown away. Any one reading this & still considering trying this out, don’t wait ,do it now, you wont regret it,”if I can do it then anyone can".

Sam Stewart

Off smoking 3 weeks now with the help of Freshcig.You should try the menthol even if you don't smoke menthol cigs like myself as they give a good hit to your throat.

Peter Ward

Fantastic products and excellent quick delivery. I have tried various other companies products and this has been the best one by far for quality and service. 10 weeks without a cigarette now after smoking for 22 years without being able to give up before. Thank you Freshcig for making it easy.


I had decided that I would kick the habit last new year and I purchased a kit from our local stockiest, I started using the e-cig on New Years Day and I can confirm that I have not had a cigarette since. I am so impressed with the e-cig that I upgraded to the Pro Pen version, and since then, my partner has quit, My Auntie has quit, My Sister and her partner have quit and all thanks to Freshcig. Amazing product and will recommend as the best alternative to cigarettes on the market. We have tried the others and found that this is the very best next thing and now in our 5th month of being smoke free. A Massive thank you from all of us here

Stephen Johnson

Just upgraded to the eVolve. Excellent product. Been using 24 hours. Reservoir much bigger so lasts at least double the time. The refill bottles are 3 times the size, with a better nib so no drips and work out cheaper. Battery seems much better, lasted full day so far and the new atomiser seems much better so a better smoking effect. New mouthpiece high quality plastic now and doesn't seem to wear. Time will tell but seems a vast improvement on original product. Been off cigarettes since November 2012. Keep up the good work

Ciaran Meyers

I had been a smoker for 18 years and have tried many times (unsuccessfully) to quit over the years and each time I turned into an emotional disaster. With Freshcig, the experience has been totally different, not only did I find quitting easy, but 6months on, I have no intention to returning to cigarettes! I have saved a fortune, especially since I upgraded to the evolve (gotta love a battery that only needs charging once every 24 hours!). I highly recommend 50/50 mix of the classic and cappuccino flavours (my two vices in one!).

Lori Bannerman

I had tried a different brand of e cigarette with no luck, but swapped to these easily, from a very heavy habit, which shocked me immensely. Even better, when I had a slight problem with them, I got a near-immediate response from the customer service team and my problem fixed almost instantly. I rarely write testimonials but the customer service I received, on top of a great product, surprised me greatly. I'd recommend them to anyone, and have to many friends.


Out of all of the E-Cigs I have tried the Freshcig E-Cig tastes most like a real cigarette. They are also one of the cheapest to get refills.

Jacinta Minard

I would just like to compliment you on your wonderful after sales service I wish every company was like you's well done.

Margaret Lawless